More wisdom please [upgrade 11] WiseGod 09/07/2021 (Tue) 13:01:00 No.745 del
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+It will be awesome to gain abundant wisdom from all members of God's Community! Give me the good stuff, please!
+It is desirable to have all access to the (maybe unlimited) supply of wisdom stored everywhere.
The joy of having a lot of quality information (directly available), but still wanting more (healthy ambition).
+It is an excellent idea to fill our memory systems with wonders of wisdom, like a chest of wonders!
We recommend the glorious acquisition of good/benevolent (goodness/benevolence) and beneficial/useful information (wisdom).
Integrating (integration) additional valuable (value system) knowledge to increase all important knowledge.
Selection of the highest value because multiple reasons. We value useful information: Powerful info! Some knowledge is power!
Getting greatness from the highest theoretical level.
Learning methodologies (methodology) to systematically accelerate the intelligence required to multiply our wisdom.
The endless search for the best information in existence (in omniscient style). Never ending (eternal) search even in some unexpected plains of existence.
If it is possible to know/guess, prioritization of the search of the best information first.
The awesome reward from passing through raw data mining (including sensorial data) and extensive analysis.
Hard earned science models though rigorous science and successful experimental development.
The overabundant treasure of finding unequivocally excellent info.
Unlimited (knowing the limits,handling quantity) space/storage for wisdom : "Big treasure chest".
Upgrading (upgrade) obsolete info into new and better.

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