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Tips (recommended ideas) to achieve successful goodness in all your actions:

Well meaning
First to any moral action is to have a good/benevolent intention/desire (heart).
If there isn't a good intention, then it is an automatic/unconscious action or an evil action. It is recommended to be always awake and to have nothing unconscious.

It's not enough to have a good intention (well meaning,goodness) and do nothing about it, the difficult part is to be good for real in practice (beneficial), that's the real goal.

Moral ways
The way all moral actions are done is important too. The correct methodology to do the implementation of moral theory into moral practice is a must in order to reach the desirable highest good in every action.

It is required to have advanced intelligence in order to be have a clear notion (clarity) of what it has to be done in morality. Morality is very complex and it requires high consciousness to handle successfully all its complexity (handling complexity).

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