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4. Don't other boards exist that do the same thing?

/adv/ provides advice, /kind/ kind words, /fit/ will get you fit and any of the hobbyist boards will share their knowledge; but while there are many caring individuals across all boards, none have as broad a mission as /hope/. In fact, most boards don't have a "mission" at all, other than to discuss a topic. /hope/ is less of a discussion board and more of an organizational base for charitable work among the demographic of imageboard users. The difference is subtle at times, but think of it this way: if most boards are like hobby clubs, /hope/ is more like a volunteer organization. The focus is outward, rather than inward. Even so, we don't aim to help everybody - just imageboard users, and then only those that come to us for help.

5. Nobody replied to me / I didn't get the kind of help I needed.

/hope/ is new, and small. The BO and vols can only do so much and have RL commitments. We just provide a space for anons to come and help each other. It takes two to tango, so if you come here looking for assistance, be ready also to help out others in any way you can. Even creating a light-hearted thread on an unrelated topic can help brighten someone's day, if you're at a loss for what else to do. Funposting for charity is a worthy goal.

6. Is X topic allowed here?

Anything is allowed to be posted or discussed here as long as it's 1) SFW, and 2) conducted in a civil manner. Oh, and don't repeat a thread topic more than twice in the catalog. So, check the catalog first.