Anonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 14:59:54 No.1936 del
Not all masons are bad. Actually, a lot of them, at the low level, are just searching for some "spiritual truth", if it's not just to join some friends club.
That's only a part of it that is criminal, and satanist.
So the problem is a little bite more complicated than that. We should denounce free masonry for what it is, but take care to not hit innocents that a just dumbass who thought that they were any truth in it.

Now, if you see that some people are freemason, find their name, who they are at what post, and share it with us, with local online forums, to let us know who they are. But don't go like a retard screaming it in the street, especially if you're recognisable, and if you work in a field were they can pressure you. I have some exemple, in my country, of local lodge that include the police chief, the judge, the notary etc... who still big house from people by scamming them. This kind of scheme is powerful.

So take care, and use your head. Don't dive like a retard.