Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 04:11:09 No.3569 del
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and Q said this would happen and to not be afraid. Its deep shit has to do with spying in the more conventional cases with feds and shit. But the illuminati can and most likely do have ways to tap into a super-node to deanonymize not only us but maybe there is secret masonic like things they can do to break i2p tor all having secret flags to enable unlisted features etc. But you get up and you move on with your life. Hey they can only learn by doing it. I can't start adding up all the possible gangstalking things i have been through because i am most likely being stalked but fuck it ima do me.
yes. Unless there is any kind of sabatoge. I don't mind seeing a square and compass every now and then on the car tailing me. Alright. But any kind of sabatoge would be a nightmare. That is why i don't really think about it because a lot of these freaks (we all get crazy in life sometimes) start blaming everything on people that don't even fucking exist most likely. Its a bad mental pattern to constantly re-enforce a sort of surrounded by cultists feeling i get that turning on the television or seeing the front page of youtube. Get these fake lames out of your mind can't nobody tell you nothing dude. Its psychological terrorism. Very high level rusing but to be a ruzemaster you gotta ruffle a few feathers every now and then and sometimes you get followed. But any kn of threats or sabatoge i would be concerned then.