Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 21:15:23 No.3577 del
I am sure its very real and god awful too. However the very things to look out for are legitimate signs of schizophrenia. I will even say schizophrenia is bullshit but i don't know.
There is a few people who did reports of being gang-stalked i have watched on youtube over the years not regularly but im sure there are credible gangstalkee vloggers but the ones i saw where zooming in on the sky as if a commercial airline was stalking them personally. One of a woman yelling at construction sort of sticks in a parking lot. It also allows the idea that the people on the media are talking to you not always but perhaps s channel google noticed you watch so you fucking load up styxenhammer666 and out of nowhere he sort of winks at the camera as he says "people who go to *the college you attended* are so naive..."
Its a very slippery mental slope. If you can not hold a mental proposition of it based against "reality" then you can easily be overwhelmed by it. The same way people who shove orgonite up their ass because they think they are being zapped with microwaves and stuff. That is probably real too. But the necessity of ignoring it you see is why i am so against the thought of it. My fucking life has turned into a horror movie if i apply the gang-stalking element to it.
Of course it exists i like to tune that out for general mental hygiene. Because it could be a psyop. Some sort of other kind of fuckery paranoia mental illnes latent perhaps skitsophrenia. That is another factor I am legitimately afraid of being a schizophrenic. Not something i should be afraid of if it happens to be my mental state. I rebuke that. but it just seems like a hassle and gangstalking is a way to amplify schizophrenic thinking basically.