Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 05:09:39 No.3609 del
insistence*. I had already tried using that term of the masonic insistence as to the unexplained subtle cues given in an individual/group's behavior that is basically robotic cult masonic behaviour. Like a man doing a triangle hand sign while anchoring the local news affiliate.Now it can be good like hagrid. Let me stop this post and give a PSA there is good masons guys Everyone lets all ignore the dead bloody skeletens of the millions? of children and woman sacrificed for full moon bs. Guys lets hug hagrid all the good masons right on (please stop gangstalking me and other rabblerousers we don't know where the bodies are buried so to speak) but the masonic insistence is part of masonica or the behavior/culture of freemasonry as viewed from an objective/profane POV.