Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 03:46:55 No.3636 del
I don't know how to respond to these varied responses or the OP post itself I remember my pastor as a kid once said "its not wrong to masturbate what is a sin is the lustful thoughts associated with it." Instead of wanting to summon a anime fairy fap and get on with your day. Improve yourself don't let it replace warmth of healthy social contact but not a lot of our generation is doing that its becoming like japan where we all are hooked into the digital matrix with fake outward social media lives. forgetting actual social contact. I am a loner by choice idk if its due to chan culture or what but always know you can make friends irl its easy just gotta know basic social cues. I am at a loss for that so that is why i don't socialize. I actually am socially akward i can turn on and off and you got to be able to do that OP. Im not saying be fake but open up to the world. Now there is something to be said about being addicted to porn. I had fapped about a few months (hand on dick time) fapping my life away. Its not the monopolizing jew making some skank suck him off for POV casting its me trying to escape my life living through that kikes pov cam as some lovely shell of a woman fellates his jewish chode. I can't stand it if there is huge dicks in porn so i say keep the jews doing it makes it more realistic. Its ok to get a fap out of your system. If your edging just bust and move on. Speaking from time i had a chick i was gonna cheat on my ex with who had looked simular to the mycherrycrush pornstar at the time and i had been fapping as she called me at 4am wanting to "chill". I passed and started fapping to mycherrycrush for about an hour and said fuck it. I regret that to this day.Previously i had her come over to pick up something of my ex's and she started laying on my bed talking about how her bf had erectile dysfunction and when she told me to sit down i began to physically shake she was too hot. I can't tell when people hit on me unless they do things like that and its because i am an actual autistic I told myself it was because i didn't want to cheat i already cheated on her with her other friend. I wiggled and shook my way to fucking her (the other hot friend )until i ran out of breath and got a water bottle. I needed to rehydrate (vert sedentary lifestyle) and she thought i was done. so i didn't even cheat that much. And if i did fuck it Reason being she (ex gf) was half a dyke and didn't put out often. I also have a ~6 inch penis and that is not enough for some of the millenial gals.if you compare it to some monkey guatamalan man spit-roasting these woman our peers. Listening to their despacito spic rap as they talk shit about the president while getting sucked off by our high school sweethearts. fake ass spicks pretending they are italian lovers get back to the fucking cabbage field you subhuman filthy demographic. (i am talking about the people who laze around acting thuggish that is for blacks they get those programs and aid. take that shit to mexico).So your not missing much. Now of course when your doing shit in life and can afford to live on your own etc maybe a woman would be good. Work on yourself and woman will come to you. Anyone can get laid if you try and work on themselves to be fuckable. And if you do soberly get the chance to score just dont stop until you cum because if you don't finish with a chick it hurts your reputation. I can't even get back into the game because im so focused right now trying to help wake people up. maybe try some of those fucking apps like bumble (masonic busybee name) or tinder. I want to try those that is the best bet OP. Just focus on fucking to get to the point you can not lose a chick because of the depression shit.