Anonymous 06/02/2020 (Tue) 07:33:47 No.3917 del
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I can try and help with info. I don't know of any sites you can trust.Certainly no onion sites. But i will say its best to use opsec. try not to say any info that can be traced back to you. They are aware of this board. I have dug a lot through the pizzagate digging. You see a lot of clustering in the DC area new york miami la oregon seattle. Now david carrico wrote about the blue house case in Indiana. So i would be willing to say its almost everywhere. There is an actual human trafficking map i remember seeing the lines of where the routes go. As far as verification of anything. Your best bet might be the main breads on /qresearch/. Because there is always white hats etc on the board.Though it would be fun to dig in this thread. Go ahead.