Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 15:40:55 No.3992 del
Fascinating. Scrying, aa in the old days, with certain scribes reading bones in a fire to navigate information. It seems the old styles of such have evolved majorly in our psyche over the course of millenia. You say visualization emphasises imagination, and that is truly interesting.

One day, while listening to a video of Bill Donahue (Ewetube channel) speak about imaging within the mind, the realization became quite clear how to look at the word imagination. You have three words, of course more if you wish to break it down more, but for the sake of discussion, I will talk of image-i-nation. Your mind's eye, or i, holds its own nation within. You are able to image directly within it, because the nation is a domain where one may conjure up images. This is partially what Jesus spoke of with bearing false images. Never was it intended to be literal (this is how the esoteric order of priests of religion speak unto the masses, or the exoteric circle). We craft images physically, externally, but not before we conjure images mentally, internally. Beforeit is made manifest through our hands, it is created in the image eye nation. Sounds silly, but with a trained eye is one able to build anything they desire.