Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 16:19:11 No.3993 del
Adding onto this, I live in America, the nation here bears symbols everywhere. This is to ensure our eye stays captivated by symbols and not signs, which are commonly given by the Creator. By ensuring that the mass hypnosis led by the de-sign-ers keeps people powerless with their imagination, children grow up leaving behind their abstract mind, and adopting a concrete, or con-create, mind that is grounded by instilled methods of mental application. Smoothing the wrinkles. There are few who manage to fade away from this conditioning that the schools enforce onto the children.

Have you encountered moments where you feel out of body with these experiences? Or possibly, when adding extra information, do you sense that you're pulling information from out of nowhere? Curiously so, there is a similar phenomenon that happens when it comes to dialing back memories and uncovering information buried in the details. As though I am hyper-analyzing it photographically.