Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 22:00:45 No.4003 del
I first started hearing it on the 19th and thought it was just retards celebrating that new made-up holiday. But it doesn't sound like a fireworks show or people celebrating. It sounds like constant popping. I looked into it when it was still happening Monday night then Tuesday and saw that it's happening in Philadelphia and LA also. I think it's a way to extend the BLM riots as they were ramping down because kids have been shooting them into windows and shooting them at homeless people. Check out the comments in these articles, it's not the usual case of "school's out."
Also, the mayor of New York specifically ordered police to leave kids with fireworks alone. People who live nearer to the rivers are going nuts from it because it's making it impossible to get any sleep and it's apparently been going on since the 15th. I'm lucky it just sounds like a dull rumble where I live.

It's very suspicious to be, especially when I learned people are driving around with big bins of these things, handing them out. I worked at a fireworks store so I know how expensive they can be. They rate that they are going off, it's feasible to say that tens of thousands of dollars worth of them are being shot off nightly. And now, more recent articles are trying to suggest it's a police psyop in response to the calls to defund them. I really think this is an organized effort to demonize police further while making people miserable and exhausted.