Anonymous 03/08/2021 (Mon) 11:29:36 No.4298 del
I believe what OP is referring to in his post is visualization instead of scrying. Visualizing is manipulating your optical brain to see things that may not necessarily exist. I can visualize an apple in my hand, which doesn't exist. Astral projection is the idea that by visualizing you can see through a network (the main one being the tree of consciousness, seeing through another being's eyes). If I imagine an alien landscape that is visualization. If I visualize an alien landscape with the idea that I'm viewing it from a point in an omnipresent entity that I have tapped into through the tree of consciousness that's astral projection. Scrying would be looking into smoke or tea leaves and seeing a pattern in the sediment or smoke and interpreting that pattern. Remote viewing would be looking at a box and visualizing what is inside, with the idea that you can see inside the box, perhaps through the omnipresent being like in astral projection.