Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 09:14:23 No.4405 del
I've been listening to Jonathan adampants and while what he was talking about seemed eerily similar to 'christ consciousness' and other occult ideas like that I decided to trudge on because of apparent wisdom he was presenting and challenge myself. Then he dumped a 33 as in he lived 33 years in his corruption and my tinfoil sense got activated. I listened for a while more and got to a part where he talks about his cat leaving a mouse alone. His cat's name was Cosmo. Weird ass name for a cat but I know I've heard this one before. Cosmo, cosmo, cosmo... Something in my mind didn't let me lay this off and finally I remembered a neat sounding word 'kosmokrator' without recollection of what it meant so I looked it up. He might as well have called his cat 'the Devil' since 'kosmokrator' means 'god of this world' a title Jesus used to refer to Satan.
Just a heads up not to trust nice sounding stuff without patient examination and never let your guard down.