Anonymous 05/09/2021 (Sun) 21:07:53 No.4410 del
I'd reckon most of 4chan is bots at this point. There's multiple archives (Desuarchive,, 4plebs, etc...) that have tens of millions of anon posts to sample from. The more stupid shit "meme" stuff like single words and wojak spam take no effort whatsoever to automate. With things like GPT-3 (And this is only what's public, the USGOV has far, far more powerful technology to play with), creating AI-generated comment chains that sound like real human conversations is not only possible, but viable.
The question is "Why?". What's the purpose of such bots?
Well, for one, it introduces noise into boards and stifles conversation. The immediate action of someone presented with troves of information isn't to double down and filter through it, but leave. For topical boards like /x/, /pol/ (When it isn't being retarded neo-nazi rhetoric), /k/, and hobbyist things, it alienates people and forces them into other communities. The people of 4chan rarely know about these other imageboards and elect to go on places like Reddit instead.
More sinisterly, they can be used to push narratives and create a premise for future action. I myself have used such methods to attack individuals, and it is extremely difficult to combat against. You must Question Everything and Trust No One, for even your closest friends could very well be your downfall.

I hope this board becomes more popular because posting on 4chans /x/ is not. an. option., and 4plebs is behind cuckflare with captchas everywhere. If anyone has other communities like this I'm interested!