Anonymous 05/15/2022 (Sun) 08:18:15 Id: 8000ff No.1286 del
Thanks I found it.

v482, 2022/05/14 06:18:17: A thumbnail error has occurred. The problem thumbnail will appear with the default 'hydrus' symbol. You may need to take hard drive recovery actions, and if the error is not obviously fixable, you can contact hydrus dev for additional help. Specific information for this first error follows. Subsequent thumbnail errors in this session will be silently printed to the log.

The thumbnail for file d9e0473a95799d103ef745c52eb8803caa4326947f34bba98efaf1eac8ebdf63 could not be regenerated from the original file because the original file is missing! This event could indicate hard drive corruption. Please check everything is ok.

Yeesh, I regret wanting to know this. How do I check if everything is ok?