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People tend to have specific misconceptions when it comes to money laundering. These misconceptions will hinder them from laundering their money effectively, leading to unusable money and in the worst case getting arrested. In this post, I attempt to set them straight.

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Anyone can use Money-Laundering-as-a-Service (MLaaS) to launder their money without any knowledge of money laundering. This however puts the customers into a weak position as they do not know what to expect from the service they are purchasing. This post tries to educate potential customers so that they are better equipped to select the best service for their needs. Even if you want to launder the money yourself you may find this post useful.


#1: I cannot launder money anonymously

If anyone assisting you launder money knows your true identity, you are not anonymous. This makes you vulnerable.

There are many potential methods to launder money that require you to disclose your identity to parties that know you are trying to hide something. There are even MLaaS providers employing such inadequate methods. Using such methods will put your future in the hands of others and will open you to blackmail. Celebrities and even politicians have fallen and will fall for this trap.

However, there are modern, well-thought money laundering methods that do not require you to disclose your identity to anyone on the money laundering chain. When applied correctly, it makes it impossible to deduce who you are. This ensures your safety even if all links in the laundering chain get busted.

Thus, money can be laundered fully anonymously.

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