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...identity after the laundering process.

Safe from law enforcement officials

To be safe from law enforcement officials, you should pay attention to how you explain the origin of your money. You will need to explain it to the officials, as well as your friends and family. The explanation has to be plausible, coherent, and there has to be a paper trail supporting it.

Officials use certain know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) heuristics to evaluate your explanation and all proof you have to support it. The specific heuristics vary between officials. These heuristics catch the inexperienced and naive money launderers.

MLaaS providers know how the heuristics work and provide you all explanations you will need with paper trails and any further operation advice that will keep you under the radar of officials even if the heuristics change.

Again, if using MLaaS, make sure they explain their laundering methods. Otherwise, you cannot evaluate yourself if their explanation of the source of the money will protect you from the law enforcement officials.

As you can remain safe from money laundering vehicles and law enforcement officials when laundering money, money laundering can be done safely.

#4: I must have connections

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