Bernd 01/12/2020 (Sun) 21:28:45 No.34013 del
Ok. So there are some questions which you should answer for yourself. Liek:
Do you want to help people or make money?
Who is your target audience?
Are you willing to give up your relative anonymity you enjoy on imageboards?
Can you give yourself as an example to your readers (and people you want to market your book to) that your ideas are working?
Did others wrote similar books? How much your own differs from those?
Why would people be interested in your book? With this I'm trying to help you figure out the basis of your marketing and not questioning your idea.
Can you offer something beside the book, which could support the marketing? E.g. writing blogposts regularly or offering a service, etc.

Also as a cloak & dagger marketing scheme: you could try to generate artificially discussions about your books instead of just spamming it. The problem with this, that forums are dead, everyone is facebook and shit, and people tend to stick to their own circles.