Bernd 09/11/2020 (Fri) 06:42:30 No.39955 del
Luther's Historicist eschatology was basically having the pope as the Antichrist and having prophecy being fulfilled historically, since 70 AD concurrently with Daniel (which ended right before Jesus came), which is exactly how the older books worked like Isaiah, Ezekiel etc.. He was right, and prophecy was continued to have been fulfilled after his age, with the wound of the beast (Napoleonic wars), the drying of the Euphrates (fall of the Ottoman empire, Sykes-Picot) kings of the east as modern-day Asian superpowers, etc. These high technocrats are Darwinists, rabbinic jews, and Jesuits working in tandem, and the latter are specifically trying to bring about this 3rd age of Joachim through technology which once again leads to the Vatican.
Five Years of Political Mastery is better in video form as it shows all the video citations. Basically it's about all his predictions centering around this same Historicist eschatology stemming from Luther occurring after the COVID hoax began.