Bernd 09/11/2020 (Fri) 12:42:56 No.39963 del
Not really. Lutheranism has the rose cross as a logo, but that isn't sufficient evidence that he was a Rosicrucian considering that they supposedly didn't emerge until a century later. Why do I believe they aren't allies? Because although "Miles Mathis" or whomever writes those papers tries to claim popes were jewish he still believes that Rosicrucianism was this conspiracy against the church, he can't differentiate between Feudal Catholicism and this Joachim 3 age mystic crap. The rebels against the feudal order were literally called "Joachimites" and the Rosicrucians continued this idea of a liberal revolution, which is actually against both Luther and the "normal" Catholics. Luther actually chose to marry instead of choosing to remain this celibate monk, which is wholly against Joachim's faction.
>300 years of technocracy
At least 200 with Darwin and the Huxley family, but this monastic ideology that advocates for these measures goes back thousands of years to Buddhism in India rebelling against the caste system, Plato, etc.. The technocratic agenda with all this industrial technology to institute these measures in particular however began with Darwin and the Huxleys, since they couldn't enforce this monastic society 2500 years ago; now they can, and this has been my point for over a year now. The Huxleys clearly began using Gnostic/Joachimite philosophy since the Jesuit transhumanist Teilhard de Chardin was the mentor of Julian Huxley when he was the first director of UNESCO. The pope (now an open Jesuit) also supports Teilhard de Chardin. So the "technocracy" we're talking about is clearly this synthesis between Huxleys/Social-Darwinists and the ancient monastic ideology.