Bernd 04/09/2021 (Fri) 15:31:55 No.43250 del
>Something like libgen is good enough for most people, but that only seems to have fiction books (e.g. no results at all for "Quantum")

Libgen is mostly about different academic books. How did you search? There are 8k results

>and multiple books (or ALL books) downloadable in a few clicks.

Do you really need large amount or randomized nonsense that mostly duplicates itself? You also can't read so much anyway, so it is easier to download few recommended books instead of everything.

But if you really want, there are torrents for some collections. Like libgen (text version) on rutracker (500gb).

Main problem is simple - if you want to have multiple collection of books of different type, you need to have community of specialists, and community of specialists wouldn't work on copyrighted books with restricted access because it is tedious task without reward. At least in non-computer spheres of knowledge.