Bernd 05/06/2021 (Thu) 08:10:25 No.43519 del
Literally nothing. Maybe they can be sour that instead an Austria-Hungary-Croatia Triple Monarchy only an Austria-Hungary Dual Monarchy was made. Otherwise there were literally no issue. They had their legislature since forever, Croatian business was Croatian business, despite their kings were Hungarian kings.
The Habsburgs pitched them against us in 1848-49. As elsewhere I noted, the royal family profited from the multi-ethnic empire by using the ethnicities to keep each other in check. Reminds me that today multiculti agenda is pushed so while the people with various cultural backgrounds mixed together are busy with each other, some people on top can exploit them. Divide et impera.
In the end they even got lands from us that was never part of Croatia.

Reminds me. It is little discussed fact that in the Habsburg empire the Court used state propaganda, censorship, secret police, and informant networks to reach its goals. They used every dirty tricks what was available in those times.