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"The innermost reason of the wars of 1914-18 and 1939, and the struggle fought with political, economical, and social weapons between them, is the final and secure formation and stabilization of our globe's order." - Essentially sounds like the one war idea.
"The folks of our globe simply want to enjoy the fruits of their labor, their sweat and blood, inside of their property and domain, they will simply won't suffer it anymore from the so-called chosen to usurp everything, while they are kept in moral, spiritual, and material slavery, exploitation, and poverty." - All the "folks" mean people as ethnicities, not people as pleb.
"Our globe is the heritage, the right of the folks. This was usurped by the unworthy, the folks were all excluded. The clash between the usurpers of the rights and those who demanded their rights was unavoidable. And it happened."
"The English global empire is the soul and spine of the Plutocrat-Marxist-Judaist old world order based on class rule. The heart area is the English island itself. England from the 17th century turns away from Europe, and builds the basis of her existence outside Europe. And for her consequential estrangement of Europe and the aversion she feels towards Europe, she thinks a united Europe means a mortal danger to her. So she fights with all her might to thwart a united Europe." - Even today, England needs to keep the semblance of independence.
"She made a pact for life and death with the Jews living in Europe, and through them she kept Europe on the end of those political, economical, and social strings, which she called freedom, equality, and brotherhood, and what in reality were just Judaism masked with English hypocrisy and pseudo-gallantry." - Reminds me the moral highground they always try to take first, if we can believe imageboards and polanball comics.
And now about England's strategy with the periphery/rim of Europe:
"In these England fielded her own army, so the forced out decisions always happened under the guard of her armed supervision. With her armies she always fought in Europe on the coasts, defended by her ships, ready to quickly leave Europe's firm grounds in case of failure. This periphery was the first continental pillar of offense and defense for England, the English Wall built through centuries against Europe."
And for last one, about Germany:
"For England's Shylock-greed this war is the last chance, and the last tool as well [Germany] had to resort to. And the example and the moral that she can only reach he goal within the globe community, and not outside of it, aligned together in cooperation and not imperialistically is in the English global empire and her fate." - This reflects his belief that Germany won't just conquer all for keepers.

I can't find the other comic.