Bernd 05/11/2021 (Tue) 14:11:06 No.43568 del
(853.05 KB 1632x1224 breda-s.JPG)
Fukken finally. The seventh (7th) breda, I can call it a good breda!
Had to knead it until it was squeaky. It leavened awesome, but when I placed it in the ceramic bowl (was an awkward process, the dough stuck to everything and stretched so easy I almost can call it flowing) it lost a lot from the volume, it collapsed. Oh well.
The end product turned out to be real, leavened bread. It's about 700 grams, but when I pick it up it seems so light even tho some of my previous "breads" were lighter but seemed to be heavier.
Tastes good too.