cont. Bernd 05/12/2021 (Wed) 10:25:44 No.43580 del
After all these warmups, I will condense Szálasi's already terse writing around these four main topic:
1. summary of the events of the Western Theater;
2. contemplation of the Anglo-French plans;
3. evaluation of the armistice with France;
4. gloating about the second front, a timeline of the Anglo-Soviet labor to birth it.

He divides the Western campaigns into three, we know the events, what I want to highlight that he writes it in a fashion that smells military (but maybe I'm wrong), a list of phases, and at the end he notes the length of the operation and how much the actual fighting took.
1. against Denmark and Norway: "operational period: from April 1940 to end of 1943; fighting took six weeks";
2. against Netherlands, Belgium, and the Anglo-Franco army: "operational period: from March 1940 to June 1940; fighting took three weeks";
3. against France: "operational period: from May 1940 to the end of 1943; fighting took eight weeks".
Probably Bernd noticed that he considered the operations still ongoing, long after the armistice, he considers the following three years as the work to build the Atlantic Wall - as the Germans formed National Socialist bastions from these countries -, which is a military activity.