Bernd 06/06/2021 (Sun) 14:56:24 No.43873 del
New phenomenon appeared in the politics of Hungary - maybe it's a start of a new practice -, the opposition parties are preparing for primary elections.
No dominant party can challenge the Fidesz's rule, so the opposition have to resort to cooperation no matter what ideology they (claim to) represent. But they have to make dealings: who will be their candidate for the position of Prime Minister? They want to decide this with the primaries.
I also suspect this is a way for them to appear relevant in the media, this pandemic really shot down every other topic than criticizing the government from all the possible angles how they aren't handling the situation well. So they're making big noise of this.
I really don't wanna go through who is who right now, I just wanted to write something. Maybe tomorrow.
The thing will done by October 23.