Bernd 09/14/2021 (Tue) 07:42:17 No.44992 del
Scraped couple of articles. It seems these are the main issues the discourse is centered around in Canada:
1. national debt, economic recovery - due to pandemic "management" they racked up record amount of debt (by far this is the most important question)
2. vaccine mandates - Libs for, Cons against
3. childcare - many women became unemployed due to covid, Libs promising money to spend, Cons offer tax credits to pay daycare I don't get it, if mom is at home unemployed how she cannot babysit her own kid?, I mean yeah give them money or give tax cut (and not "tax credit") to their men, sure, but stay home but put the kid in daycare that's utter idiotism. Raise your children people!
4. expensive housing
5. climate change - forest fires and drought - Libs want emission cuts, Cons are oil and gas advocates
6. rebuilding healthcare system
7. UBI
8. Indigenous reconciliation