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We would need the army's reasoning. I see a relative worth in those bikes. They ain't that big, and maybe only a couple is needed for a duo from the team transported in the APC.

Galadriel could have been Galahad, king of the Elves, and the story was fine with him.
Eowyn come close to be all right. If she had died on the battlefield like a tragic hero (finishing her story similar to a Joan d'Arc). But no, Tolkien made a backstabbing murder from one of the hobbits enabling her to slain the nazgul (since Tolkien couldn't imagine a situation where a woman could defeat anyone one-on-one), then he drown her dramatic arc into a pink fluffy everafter where she settles as happy housewife of Faramir.
Btw not one woman character dies in LotR. Not for any reason. Another mishandling of them.
The Nibelungenlied is a poem, and as far as I know it was reworked by every bard at every iteration, could be as you wrote. I tried to read a version of it, but the metric was killing me (I found myself trying to read simple text with the metric going on in my head), and the story dragged too slow so I gave up. I remember one important motivation of heroes: women.
On the other hand during the long journey Aragorn thoughts don't really wander in the direction of Arwen. I'm fairly sure never.

Sagas aren't erotic or pornographic (not those what I read), they're just realistic, about simple people, heroes, and gods, but even the gods are just people, with all kinds of cravings and "sins" (and sins as well).