Bernd 10/12/2021 (Tue) 16:25:54 No.45272 del
She basically was king of the elves, even though she had a husband he play second fiddle to her.

I don't think that would have made her better at all... She still fights him and cuts down his beast and of course she will marry, that is what people do, men too. Next you are going to complain about the lack of gay marriage(which while I jest is actually an argument on very similar lines to your own).

Why should they need to die particularly if hardly any are in there?

The Saga were poems too I think and they certainly were reworked, the ones we have are from the middle ages. Women were not actually the primary motivator of the heroes, it played a minor part and was manly a background to the plot, Honour and revenge were the primary motivations.

What is realistic? Reality is different for different people, different people and societies will live different realities where sex will play more or less a role in it. You must remember that the society we live in now is actually hypersexualised, it's not like it used to be or would have been in a Middle Earth like world at all.

So were the Sagas.