Bernd 06/19/2022 (Sun) 20:16:02 No.48032 del
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>Do barbershops where you live have this lamp post?

I've seen that thing sometimes, but it is definitely rare. We also have distinction between so-called "barbershop" (барбершоп, used as is in transliterated form) and classic hairdresser salon (парикмахерская, from German "Perückenmacher"). There is also third one - "beauty salon" that is often a typical hairdresser too.

Hairdressers are classic ones and existed for centuries, beauty salons are new form from late 20 century, and barbershop is a new thing from last 10 years or such. Barbershop are solely for men, and they are viewed mostly as modern hipster-like thing, although exist even in poor provincial cities now and slowly becomes acceptable for masses. I didn't visit any of these places for long time though, because I've had relatively long hair and don't care.