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>Does Bernd know about Battletech?

Yes >>12642

We've played tabletop wargame, but most time was spent in Mechwarrior RPG. I even was a DM. It was time when internet was relatively slow and we had to visit local players community (mostly middle-aged beer drinkers) to get home-recorded CD-Rs with pdfs. That was a good time.

>where you focus on playing as people and not the mechs, but it strongly encourages to mix it with the wargame

We've tried, but this wasn't fun. Wargame playing style is very different from typical RPG, and it is hard to put constant table battles to RPG story. Maybe more wargame-oriented people will find it fun though.

Even RPG battles were not so fun sometimes, because when you try to use full set of rules with separate limb damage etc, they are becoming long. One playing session may be just a long battle with constant dice rolls. Typical D&D fight feels much faster. Trying to play more realistic (because setting is sci-fi, not fantasy) also gives another problem - typical wound recovery from few shots may last for weeks in game time, and this breaks story much. Compare this to D&D when you restore hit points easily and often with magic. But anyway, that was fun, it is sad that our group can't even find time to just meeting in person now.

>Ofc there's a lot more stuff that you buy separately, but unfortunately its kind of lacking

You don't really need figurines to play BT. It isn't WH, and basically can be played even with coins as mechs (as we did), or with substitutes (any miniatures). Maybe it isn't that immersive, but for such type of wargame it is mostly ok I think. Maps can be printed easily.

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