Bernd 09/28/2022 (Wed) 06:28 No.48831 del
It doesn't influence me much if at all. She was an old lady, who was a figurehead, a symbol of a nation's unity, liek our President, who has not much influence on anything. I don't have much feels pro or otherwise.
I can understand those who mourn and those who cheer, they can have their reasons. However extreme emotions seems a bit strange to me.

>Russia needs a stick (gas shortages)
But Russia did not cause any shortages.
1. Nord Stream 2 was abandoned by the Germans on American pressure;
2. Nord Stream 1 got kidnapped by Canada by not giving the turbine parts to the Germans/Siemens so they can fix it, partially due to sanctions, but also on the demand of the Ukrainians;
3. Jamal was closed down by the Poles;
4. Some of the lines in Ukraine was closed by Ukraine;
5. EU leadership pressures member states to abandon (Russian) fossil fuels, the EU parliament voting embargo after embargo on coal and oil and gas.
6. EU/US denied Russia the financial ways to pay the Ukrainians for the transfer (the gas transfer to Hungary stopped for liek 2-3 weeks because while Rus gas company had the money they couldn't pay Ukros because swift and other bs)
7. Norwegian oil workers went on strike demanding higher wage
8. stuff, etc etc

Russians did stop Nord Stream couple of times for couple of days/weeks for maintenance.