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This is H U G E.

Remember my oniric experiment? >>1056 well, few days ago I tried it and got an interesting result: I flied right to the sky.
At first it was all clouds then a deep black, at this moment my mind felt like waking up, I fought to stay asleep and got some hypnagogic hallucinations, all of them related to space and system education they teach at school, such as pics related.

I noticed my brain just threw random images related to the space/earth topic and it couldn't follow the speed of my being inside the dream. Having this in mind, I can succeed to reach a God-like state, where all the tricks and influence of unconsciousness don't have effect on me.

I created this "stress" on my oniric process by going fast to a certain direction(going up) but what if I target my direction to a higher spacial dimension? whould I manage to position my consciousness outside the influence of the matrix?