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>Be me, regular human like everybody else on this planet.
>Live in single-room flat in apartment building.
>I’m derping around the internet.
>Suddenly, connection is lost and lights flicker but ultimately stay on.
>I turn the TV on, I rarely do that these days.
>All channels have emergency broadcast on them
>"Stay calm, stay inside"
>I go to kitchen to see how much food I have.
>Refrigerator happens to be almost empty, or at least devoid of edible stuff.
>I open cupboard and sigh at relief when I see stack of instant noodles.
>I remember that I need water and electricity to properly cook them.
>Figure out I can fill all my pots and pans with water but can't do anything if power grid goes down.
>Suddenly, somebody starts pounding my door.

1. Pretend that nobody is home
2. Ask who's at the door
3. Open the door

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