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In the industry, they artificially inseminate cows on the "rape rack" which is a tongue in cheek way to describe a fairly mundane process. Calves are of course meat on the hoof or future breeders or maybe other purpose. Yes you do understand how milk works, dairy cows spend two months "dry" out of the year. They produce one calf per year, typically for veal or heifers will replace dairy cows.

In terms of Mexicans, I do know that they are very good at animal husbandry and farming. They can make lettuce and animal products all day. Thus, they do not need all this socialista crap-ola. Internationalism-s Are Tricks Of Kikes

They (Mexicans in total chaotic gang feifdom state) have in many ways, more freedom than Americans do, and that's why we pity them, so little. They give up their gun shops and gun markets, and then whine about USA gun freedom lovers being a market for guns. It's shameful, actually, to Mexicans as good nationalists, they should definitely crush the gangs and then the government.

We in America via the Dems and the kettled Repubes have a far more advanced cancerous form of socialism. Mexico has been beat to shit, yes, but they haven't lost their basic skillset as a nation. Once their worst components (gang shits) are napalm'd the good folk will be okay. Full total kreig on Mexigang cunts when? Oh that's right Nancy Pelosi is their paid bitch.