France In Downward Spiral As Riots And Police Brutality Get Nasty Reader 02/02/2019 (Sat) 19:34:27 Id: d601d3 No.13866 del
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One week after a Yellow Vest organizer was "handicapped for life" by French police, protesters dedicated Saturday's demonstrations to denouncing police violence - only to be beaten and gassed by said police.

There have been 1,900 protesters and around 1,000 police injured since the movement began in November, and 10 fatalities, including an 80-year-old Marseille woman who was killed when a police tear-gas canister was launched into her apartment window while she was trying to close the shutters. She was taken to a nearby hospital but died during an operation after suffering shock, according to a local media report.

More French police throwing down, beating, batoning, and abusing their own people.

Seems to be the usual now every Saturday in #Acte12 #ActeXII #YellowVest

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) February 2, 2019

Police used several weapons against the activists on Saturday, including rubber bullets and Flash Ball weapons. The French Interior Ministry said that 80,000 security officials had been deployed across France, including 5,000 in Paris.

In Valance in the south of France, the mayor said measures had been taken to prepare for about 10,000 demonstrators. Authorities fear up to 1,000 of those could be violent rioters. -Daily Mail

Protesters in Paris began chanting "Macron Resign" Saturday morning as they threw bottles and other projectiles at police, resulting in the deployment of tear gas.

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