OH SHIT! US TO INVADE VENEZUELA! Reader 02/02/2019 (Sat) 23:21:28 Id: 6b5937 No.13870 del
How many of these brown fuckers do you think are going to swarm into Texas once the bombs start falling?

In this hypothetical war nobody wins, the hard working venezuelans have been long gone to other countries already, most of them since at least 10 years ago. The ones left are the lower strata composed of mulatto and miserable mestizo, all living on welfare.

Russia/China lose an important base in Latin America due to their incompetence regarding keeping their ally on a moral leash about what and what not to do with the population.

Cuban Socialist Council, latin america's equivalent of the Illuminati/Elders of Zion (and fitting, as said council is mainly jewish) is now much more widely known for their antics and will be on the sights of many conservative groups that may spawn or already exist.

America, even when relatively doing the good thing in the shallow sense (ignoring they will kike the place quickly due to the population being extremely demoralized already and drained of all its skilled members) will still be seen as a total warmonger due to all the highly questionable decisions made before.