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Thanks, that image is a keeper. I know about the dangers of SSRIs already, one reason I never go to a head doctor either, they're just there to shill dope on people, thats how they make their shekels. And that was my original point too, they cause all these problems in society with all the PC/gender brainwashing, pushing social media on toddlers to get them hooked young, their hollywood propaganda subverting the minds of vulnerable males making them feel stupid and weak.... all this CRAP they do deliberately, and then when half the population goes crazy, are addicted to mindless consumerism and can't function properly in a normal society.... then they shill all these SSRI mind control drugs that make these nut jobs flip and start shooting people and taking their own lives. It is literally some kind of 21st century futuristic psychological warfare they have rolled out. And of-course if you question ANY of it, your labeled a "kook."