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There are more live updates on that source article.

Update (0550ET): It's official: The Coronavirus has spread to South America. The news helped rattle investor confidence, sending futures into the red as US stocks looked set to open in the red on Wednesday, building on four days of losses. The virus has now spread to every continent except for Antarctica.

Update (1900ET): We've got some (potentially) big news. Brazil's Health Ministry said a man has tested positive for the coronavirus on in initial test. If it's confirmed in a second test, it will be the first case in South America. The virus has already spread from Asia to Europe, North America, Australia and Africa. On that note, El Salvador on Tuesday announced it would prevent entry of people from Italy and South Korea. In Spain, a 7th cases has been confirmed in under 24 hours. Just over a day ago, Spain had zero confirmed cases. Though it's unconfirmed, there's a rumor floating around twitter that an Iranian official who met with the Ayatollah a few days ago has tested positive for the virus.

- Says Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge