Reader 02/27/2020 (Thu) 06:28:14 Id: 0dce0c No.15685 del
Yes and the wuh-hamhanded officials allowed two milion people to flee wuahm when they knew the virus had been given to patient zero at dec 12th, that is in a pdf I have here. Also the PDF which shows ncov-19 to cause testicular damage, "just the flu" is a fuckin lie. It has HIV ninja abilities, anti-natural asymptomatic transmission, everything plague inc asks of a piece of shit world fucker. Anyone who downplays this thing, even if it does fizzle out, is an idiot and it will take until next year to run its course, and you don't ever get over it, your lungs and nuts are scarred if you survive and you'll need hiv drugs forever. flying chink aids from wet market disneyland of disease. Sad sack WHO tardos handshaking pic related.