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Wow, I never liked him anyway more of a War Games reference. Nice info though. War Games is a good film, it goes in line with other end of the world films, By Dawn's Early Light is another. 80% of actors are kikes, we had this chat about carrie fisher on the bunker board, the fuck do you want me to do if they took over fuckin Hollywodd? I still have to meme, and it's the plot or mnemonic device that matters. I am glad you posted tho, he needs to become a self hating jew, and recant all his kosherism before he gets this virus. But then, none of the bobbleheads will believe until it runs rampant through [city name removed] and anyway, let's face it, you are right. It will be better when we have media without the deception as a rule, rule. OC chops repost for you my good fellow