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Bingo. Pics related.
>The other point I hope to make is that it's highly unlikely that she's doing everything out of her own accord.
I never said there weren't others involved. What you did was downplay the cunt's villainy in her defense and said my hatred of this bitch's bullshit is unreasonable. As if a Chancellor of Germany has no sway whatsoever. And why? Because she's a woman? I don't get it.
>You think a huckster idiot like lenin and trotsky took over an entire country all on their own?
Since when? They had legions of Communist revolutionaries backing them. Lenin murdered the last Tsar and his entire family with help. Not on his own. Kikes band together to carry out massacres.
>You really think commie regimes did everything they did because they felt like it?
>Passed all the constricting laws and did unspeakably brutal repressions because it was a "good idea"?
Because jews are gonna jew. I don't put sadistic behavior beyond kikes. They've proven they are the violent, child murdering sadists in the modern era enough already against Palestinians.