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Buddy you said it, when I lived on the east coast I had 500 dollar national grid bills, this was an four story attic I rented due to having an it job there. A lousy old building I was happy to have, the radiator was a non functioning work of modern shit art, the boiler in the basement, long gone, converted to shitty storage sheds for us tenants. I was grateful that one tenant was hired to drain the shit filled basement into the street, when the basement became shit filled and flooded all our cool stored stuff, heh, stupidity is rife. --I know this landlord is pissed if rent doesn't get paid she lives month to month on that rented building] Makes me think of godfather 3 stuff like we had in the past here at endy. Oh anyway, get solar panels and produce your own power. 200 for battery, 200 for panels, 50 for solar charge controller, 50 for connectors and wires. PG and E is fully red shield rothschild owned monopoly, hey I love the company, it would be a pleasure to steal it from England, national grid also would I take from them, in the name of George Washington, who resides in heaven. OC chops for you my good fellow, data rich meme inbound.