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In response to a call for comment, a Bell Gardens spokesman pointed to a city statement that "the operations of the medical sheltering facility are outside of the allowable uses of the hotel. The city expects to work with the hotel business owner to ensure the hotel is operated in accordance with allowable uses."

A second letter included in the county's filing from Lawndale's city attorney to the operator of a hotel in that city states that the agreement with the county "to become a temporary homeless shelter" was "negotiated and executed in complete secrecy" without any input from the city, and if the agreement was not terminated, the city would schedule a public Planning Commission hearing to consider revoking the hotel's special use permit.

The Lawndale attorney wrote that "while Project Roomkey is a well- intended program to help the most vulnerable homeless in Los Angeles County during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the city believes that allowing the (hotel) to operate as a shelter could cause irreparable harm to the Lawndale community."