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This fucker manufactures equipment in China, then says in the same breath that he hates money hungry people. Everyone who even ever said a good thing about China or who did business with them is fucked, this guy needs to stfu his entire cadre is over done soon to be war criminals along with shillary and billiam the hick clinton.


"You have a lot of that going on and that's not really a good thing. (The competition) really raises prices further. Now these companies have a right to charge more money and guess who's going to pay the higher price?"

Einhorn buys his supply from China, where he built relationships with manufacturers -- but says now that doesn't matter anymore with the novel coronavirus.
"It doesn't function that way," he said. "Anyone who wants to come in, places a bid. The royalty and relationships that existed for so many years, don't exist. What matters is the almighty dollar to these people."