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This shit is epically fucked up totally we were right 9/11 happening, recall on 9/11 planes all grounded, during wuham virus, planes flew on and on and on.



Given how laborious contact tracing is, that means bringing on a lot more people to do that work. Since state and local public health departments aren't likely to have the staff to do this, Redfield suggested, the federal government will need to help. "We have over 600 people in the field right now from CDC in all the states trying to help with this response, but we are going to have to substantially amplify that," he said.

For context, in February the World Health Organization reported that in Wuhan, China, to contain that outbreak, "1800 teams of epidemiologists, with a minimum of 5 people/team, are tracing tens of thousands of contacts a day." And that's just in a single city.