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More legal experts telling us how this is all legal power and protective in nature. Literally masonic cult shits that will run your nation and mine, into a hole. REGARDLESS of your opinion of the virus, and virii in general, we cannot have these shits leading in times of crisis, "solidarity" is a communist term and not very placative even for those who worship communist terms.
PS: stop this page below before total shitjava load, the preload is readable, the final load is an example of what webmasters have become and why they deserve death.


Updated: 10:17 AM CDT Apr 25, 2020
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A 50-year-old man from New Mexico was recently taken to jail after officials said he refused to self-quarantine.


"There's a lot of power within the state department of health,
to basically seize people
who have tested positive and lock them down
so they don't infect anybody else," according to
John Day, KOAT's legal expert.