Reader 04/28/2020 (Tue) 16:40:36 Id: 22ed9f No.15835 del
Women in politics have no balls because they lack testicles. During May, it seems, Californians will show, by a large number, that they wish Wuhamhand of Death, to kick them in the balls, rather then endure the government mandated kick in the balls, called "isolation and seclusion and food degradation" ...Who can blame them? [ha ha double meaning]. The Governor's college itself shews themselves to be dolts, even when they make the right order, they favor the homeless immigbrunt on a greyhound bus, over a family man born here. But seriously, by the end of May, those who wanted Wuhamhand to kick them in the testicles, will have probably gone to the beach, with an entity, who has no testicles or balls. You think hard about that.