Reader 04/29/2020 (Wed) 15:18:17 Id: 7965f1 No.15843 del
That's about kikes subversively establishing jewish men in important positions and having their daughters marry into non-jew families. It's infiltration. Where-ever you witness a zionist cuck, it is either for wealthy lobbies' bribery or most often jewish relation in their family line. Which is why those who spout 'drop in the bucket' jewish heritage to deny a kike is a kike are demented traitors. You are right that women should not rule, but in my thoughts I only want you to be careful not to become MGTOW and deliberately avoid women. There are many of their agendas to keep non-jews from breeding with women of our own race. Throughout my life, I have witnessed the foolishness of women in charge. I have also witnessed the stupidity of certain men in charge. Though for the man who can't cut it, he's usually a kike with an obvious jew name or a shitskin. No woman should ever rule over men because their emotions cloud their logic, that is just their biological trait, but kikes which always act like stunted emotional babies shouldn't rule either. I have seen jew and shitskin male managers scream at employees for doing exactly what they were told to do, and break down crying right in front of me. I have seen female managers do the same. Neither white women or white men have displayed these issues throughout the 20 years I've been employed. The position of leadership needs to require a level head, astute awareness of surroundings, actually giving a shit about those they rule over (such as finding out the strengths and weaknesses of those they lead) and require emotionally stability. Or simply promote someone who's white unless their name is obviously hebrew, because then they're going to have too many mental problems to handle the position.